The right people make all the difference

Our company’s greatest asset is our people. This is such a strong focus of our core value proposition. Our people focus is a key differentiation, we work to retain and recruit the right, best-qualified people for the position at hand.


Getting the right people is essential to getting the best results. We focus on getting the best talent pool of people.

Training, learning & Coaching

We work first to hire and recruit the right people to make all the difference in our performance. Once we have those people on staff we invest in team trainers, ongoing learning processes specific to different accounts, and one-on-one coaching with team leads. We know that learning and self-improvement are lifelong processes by which each of us can work to improve our professional skills.


People power our success. That’s why we invest in training and benefits that improve skills and keep our team satisfied. We work hard to retain talented, diligent employees through many means

We recognize achievements
Agents who perform well during quality assurance testing or who develop specialized skills or knowledge are offered the opportunity to choose their schedule first. High performing employees are the first ones considered for open positions before we look externally.

Training our leaders is a key to employee satisfaction
People often quit because they dislike their supervisor – not necessarily because they’re unhappy with their daily job functions. We invest in training supervisors to manage people well, a task many companies neglect. Leads are our call center supervisors. We call them Leads because their primary job is to lead their team and coach employees to success. We want our people to become better at what they do and we accomplish this through frequent coaching and feedback.

Hiring from within is always our preference
When filling open positions throughout the company, we prefer to promote one of our current employees into a new role before looking outside the company. Offering opportunities for advancement to our team first boosts morale and engages people who excel beyond their current job description.