Exclusive and Superior Customer Services

To maintain superior customer satisfaction as well as customer loyalty, our team has experience of customer care as well as issue resolution with quality and accuracy. We make a remarked and measurable difference when customers contact to learn more about specific products or services, resolve problems, obtain technical assistance or take advantage of special promotions.

Whether your customers contact us by phone, fax, mail, e-mail, or web chat, we respond with unique professionalism that clearly reflects how much value you place on your customers’ business.

We Deliver inbound services, including:

  • Customer Assistance Service , including comprehensive customer service/inquiry management, product support, direct response services, lead management.
  • Tele-ordering ,with our order taking campaigns, we provide customers with professional team to take care of enquiries regarding products and services. Our call center agents are aimed at providing great knowledge about products or services, professional in taking sales order while also providing 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Technical and help desk support, including support for computer software and hardware as well as consumer electronic and consumer products components and systems. Our technical support and help desk services reduce product returns and drive high customer loyalty.

“Increase Your Sales through Professional Team and Intelligence Tools”

Telemarketing / Tele-Sales

Extensive analysis of your customer will transfer your contact center from a “passive” position into a “proactive” position. We implement oamline operations, but we will improve the productivity of outbound calls, which translates directly into improved sales.

Regarding defining characteristic, we catch not only latent customer needs, buy discover a pattern of successur unique customer analysis service and executing call center management tool, our approach is to accurately identify customers. We will not only streful conversations, we employ an approach that can actually elevate buyer motivation. Further, we put together sales promotion plans that take into consideration every possible factor such as inventory and distribution in addition to “purchasing cycles” and “purchasing motivators.”

Approach Customers Appropriately with Skilled and Flexible Professionals
Skilled communication that are “professional convsationalists” engage in there outbound calls. Our approach is to be able to grasp the customer’s mood by his voice and to respond flexibly and with a human touch. We can fully accommodate our clients’ needs by developing intimate communications with the customerer

New Product Announcements

Generate a predictive message before your new product arrives! We can place outbound calls or send out email or voice mail notifications right before it hits the market.


We have a team with professional research background; our agents are trained to probe and interview to get insight information over the phone.

“Facility and equipment rental”

It is an alternative solution for businesses who want to have contact center with limited budget. By renting rather than investing, your business can better manage cash flow and enjoy the benefits of owning fully-equipped contact center. We can provide Contact Center Facility Rental Service which can be hosted internally at our location or at a location of your assigned premise.