Our healthcare solution is to DRIVE BETTER patient experience. We provide nurse contact center to manage through multi-channel contacts, data management in CRM application, training and education as well as patient satisfaction study and other healthcare research.


Nurse/Healthcare Contact Center

Patient Adherence Program

Nurse contact center supports patients and caregivers. We provide the appropriate support for your campaign from enrollment to outreach.

Our professional staff receives extensive training to understand your products, and employs techniques to improve patient experience, consultative selling and retention program.

The contact center system is state-of- art technology that supports all multi-media contacts with 100% voice recording system.


Health Technology

Our healthcare development teams develop CRM application to support appropriate data management. It will help in data analytics, giving marketers and physician relationship teams actionable insights to drive volume and engagement. The platform brings together Business Intelligence tools, to produce attributable outcomes.

We develop health chatbot, ecommerce platform for health products and mobile application customize on customer needs.


Health Digital Marketing Solution

    • Keyword Analysis
    • Health content development
    • Social Selling Solution

Healthcare Market Research

Our healthcare market research experts help you in data gathering through qualitative and quantitative approach from patients, healthcare professionals and consumers to understand insights and to develop strategies with in-depth understanding of the driving factors and trends.

    • Satisfaction Study (Patients & Physicians)
    • Brand Tracking
    • Qualitative Research (Own focus group room and remote teleconferencing)

Healthcare Education & Training

We have team of doctors, pharmacists and nurses to help in healthcare education and training to both consumers and healthcare professionals.

      • For healthcare professionals, we can organize advisory meeting with professional supports. We can develop training program customize to your needs.
      • For consumers, our healthcare professionals will educate on health awareness, how to manage in case of emergency as well as customized topics for each customer groups.